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I have collected autographs for over 20 years. When I was in college I started writing to celebrities and asking them what they would tell a class of elementary school students. Over the years I have gotten over 200 letter and signed pictures to my students. I think that by these very busy people taking the time to share their thoughts with students, it shows the power of education. I hope you enjoy my collection

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baseball Hall of Famers

I had an opportunity (and a snow day) to get a few of my baseball letters scanned so I thought I would put a few of them up on the blog.

Monte Irvin

I am excited because I get the opportunity to meet Monte Irvin in January. He is signing autographs at the Iowa Cubs Fan Fest in Des Moines. I will be traveling up there to get his autograph. He sent a great letter to the students.
Dear Boys and Girls:
To succeed in life –
1. Learn how to read
2. Learn how to express yourself
3. Learn how to figure
4. Live by the Golden Rule
Sincerely yours,
Monte Irvin

Bobby Doerr is a Hall of Fame second basemen who played with the Boston Red Sox. He responded to my letter with a great note that reads, “Think positively all the time. You can always turn something negative into a positive. Bobby Doerr”

Tommy Lasorda
Again, I had the opportunity to Meet Tommy Lasorda several years back when he was at the Negro League Legacy Awards. I can still remember watching him and Buck O’Neil telling stories. It was really a great night. I wrote to Mr. Lasorda way back in 1998, before I was a teacher (I was student teaching). He sent a great letter and it was even on Los Angeles Dodgers letterhead. You should be able to click on the image to be able to read the text.

Sparky Anderson
When I was a kid, I was able to get Sparky Anderson’s autograph on two or three different occasions. I was really happy when he was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is a very kind and generous person. Mr. Anderson wrote a great letter to the students. In it he says:
Dear Kids
Just always remember life is wonderful. Don’t ever be afraid of it. We all have our ups and downs but really that’s the fun of the game.
But don’t ever forget these wonderful words my father taught me. The only thing in your while life that won’t ever cost you a dime and that is to be nice to everyone.
Sparky Anderson

Lee MacPhail was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1998 on the veterans ballot. He was a front office executive for the Yankees. He is one of the older Hall of Famers. In his note he says, “Enjoy school. Make Friends. Learn about your country, your town. Realize it is important to do well scholastically. Lee MacPhail”

Robin Roberts
I wrote to Robin Roberts several years ago and got this great letter back. I also had an opportunity to meet him a couple years back. It was pretty interesting. Usually when you go to a baseball card show the guys that are signing autographs come out, sign their autographs and leave. Mr. Roberts signed his autographs and then came out and watched the Chiefs game with everyone. They were showing it on a big screen and a group of 15-20 people had gathered around to watch. Pretty soon I look over and Robin Roberts had wheeled his chair out and was setting there watching the game. In my letter I had asked him what his favorite baseball memory was and what he would tell students. His letter says,
Marty –
Winning the pennant on the final day in 1950 against the Dodgers – for the Phillies.
Play different sports – Pick out your favorite and work hard.
Good luck – I’m enjoying playing golf and watching sports.
Sincerely,Robin Roberts


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