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I have collected autographs for over 20 years. When I was in college I started writing to celebrities and asking them what they would tell a class of elementary school students. Over the years I have gotten over 200 letter and signed pictures to my students. I think that by these very busy people taking the time to share their thoughts with students, it shows the power of education. I hope you enjoy my collection

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Friday, June 26, 2009

George Kell – Baseball Hall of Fame

I was saddened to learn that George Kell had passed away. I was lucky enough to get to meet him once at an autograph signing, he was a very warm and gracious man. When I wrote to him he sent back this great letter as well as several of his baseball cards. In his letter he wrote:

Martin – I am honored that you would ask me to talk to your students – I have pictures of my days as a youngster and I wonder if I realized at the time if what an influence (our teachers) were on our classmates. We all have a great responsibility to our parents – our family and our fellow person – to be the very best example we can be. We will fail at times – but it just makes us a better person when we can get up off the floor – and know we are determined to be what we should be – “a leader – a person who sets the example.”

It’s not hard to do – It’s really easy and refreshing – and mke us proud of who we are.

I grew up in the “Great Depresson” of the 1930’s – money was hard to come by in my family – my father was a barber with limited income – but he had my mother and 3 sons all of whom worked at anything we could do – to help out. It planted in each of use – a sense of responsibility that we carry to this day. Be who you are – no more = be good – caring – love your parents and family – be in church – this is a must. I love you, George Kell


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