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I have collected autographs for over 20 years. When I was in college I started writing to celebrities and asking them what they would tell a class of elementary school students. Over the years I have gotten over 200 letter and signed pictures to my students. I think that by these very busy people taking the time to share their thoughts with students, it shows the power of education. I hope you enjoy my collection

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Haven Moses – Denver Broncos

I am a Denver Broncos Fan. I have been since kindergarten. I honestly have not written to very many Broncos players in the past (although I did get a John Elway autographed helmet last week). Haven Moses is a Broncos Ring of Famer and was a great player for them in the 70’s. He sent a very touching letter that I have included the text of below:

Dear 5th Grade,
I am honored that your teacher, Mr. Kelsey, chose to write to me and ask for my thoughts. I am currently 53 years of age, probably ancient to most of you, and very thankful for the wonderful experiences that I’ve had during my lifetime, especially having the opportunity to play in the NFL for 14 years.

However, what I reflect upon the most was my upbringing and education, my parents taught me and my brothers and sister the importance of being a Good Person and to respect others and they made sure though many sacrifices that we received a good solid education and supported us in whatever we did. God Bless and have a wonderful 2000.
Haven Moses #25


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